ORON 58s



The brand new ORON 58s is a simple machine to use, with functions that are easy and clear at an affordable price; a real eye catcher for beginners and the experienced artist.

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Live the new experience of NPM technology! Meet the ORON 58s: A modern rectangle design shape combined with a beautiful choice of engraved surface for the outer look but the inside still with the best technology. The new ORON 58s contains 7″ HD touch screen, easy to use with during work. Automaticaly set the recommended RPM speed according to the chosen treatment. The minimum speed of the ORON 58s is 100 and with a maximum speed of 200, it should be able to cover all your required treatments.
The ORON 58s’ precision control will make your work a great pleasure. The aluminum body is easy to clean and maintain. This elegant design and friendly to use technology will surely captivate all new technicians.


  • Official NPM Hand-Piece
  • Foot-Switch
  • Oron58s PMU device
  • Power Adaptor
  • Elegant Briefcase