CopyBrows Eyebrow Stencils Printer Kit

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Every makeup is a road to take, make sure yours is paved well.

Presenting the new solution from NPM International – the CopyBrows stencil system. Designed especially for creating precise, vivid, and durable stencils for permanent makeup eyebrows – the CopyBrows kit is a quick, convenient, and accurate solution that every artist must have in their collection of tools.

Simply print the selected eyebrow design from the included design folder (wide variety of different eyebrow designs and effects available, including Hair Stroke, Powder, Ombré, and Borderlines) through the CopyBrows printer and apply the stencil to the skin using the included Stencil Transfer solution. You will end up with a sharp and durable guideline that will be the fundamental stone for your work.

Save time and effort without compromising on the results.

Every CopyBrows kit includes:

• CopyBrows inkjet printer*
• USB Cable
• CopyBrows Stencils folder set (including 11 pages full of eyebrow designs to choose from)
• CopyBrows stencil ink cartridge
• Stencil Transfer solution (30ml)
• 250 stencil transfer A4 paper sheets
• Plastic paper sheet holder
• Double-sided skin marker

*Printer model by stock available

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